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8 Reasons To Write A Business Plan For Your StoneMakers Business

Posted by Roderick Molleur on Fri, May, 17, 2013 @ 07:05 AM

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You’ve probably heard the adage “Failing to plan is a plan for failure.”  Take a look at the time you’ve invested at StoneMakers Academy and the StoneMakers Veteran opportunity.  As a veteran, there are resources available from the SBA and the Boots 2 Business program.  There a low cost loans available through the Patriot Express loan program.   Why not take advantage and jump start your business?


Remember back in your high school days and facing the task of writing a 25 page term paper? If you were like most of us, the mere thought of this project brought you to your knees.


Skip forward to today. You've decided to become an entrepreneur starting your StoneMakers business and seeking funding to grow your company. You come to the realization that you are going to have to write a business plan to move your company forward. Actually, the thought of writing a business plan might likely conjure up memories of preparing term papers during those high school days.


Admittedly, developing a business plan takes a lot of work. However, the business planning process has so much to teach you about your business and the opportunity in front of you that it is well worth the time and effort required to see the process through to the end.


The benefits of the business planning process include:


  • ·         Offering you a three hundred and sixty degree view of your company, allowing you to examine its practicality and potential for success and growth .
  • ·         A business plan is powerful tool for making sure that you and your operations team are committed to the same objectives by pushing individuals to balance out any differences they may have into a specific strategy.
  • ·         A business plan is an excellent method of communicating your perspective, objective, beliefs and goals to the individuals that will help grow your business – associates, clients, workers and financial istitutions.
  • ·         Helps businesses gain a more in depth understanding of the possibilities and obstacles in their market and sector, and create approaches and strategies that will specifically respond to customer needs.
  • ·         Your enterprise has competitors, and in the long run your success will be determined by how you set your business apart from that of your competition. A business plan enables you with valuable competitive knowledge and enables you identify how to differentiate your goods, services and to create your unique selling proposition.
  • ·         The better you comprehend your small business the more successful you will be in creating the right operations team for your company. The business landscape is littered with companies with great products and solutions and huge marketplaces that either didn’t make it or didn’t arrive at their potential due to the fact they lacked the ideal skills, ability or practical experience to capitalize upon its opportunity.
  • ·         A well-considered business plan will formulate a detailed approach and time-line for execution and functions of the business in the beginning and emerging stages of development.
  • ·         Enables you to take a look at “what-if” situations and generate secondary plans should your Plan A turn out differently than you initially expected – a circumstance which takes place quite regularly.


Appreciate the business planning process. Take time to write a business plan that you are excited to put your name on. It is well worth the hard work.

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