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How Stonemakers Concrete Innovations Saved A Hospital $700,000

St Anthony's Regional Hospital in Carroll, Iowa was faced with a dilemma.  The engineered block retaining wall was built in 1996, and originally took two and a half months to complete. The Hospital wanted to replace the wall as there were issues starting to develop and the aesthetics were not up to standard any longer. The hospital had received bids from $1.1mm to $1.25 mm to tear out and replace the existing wall. The contractors that were bidding estimated a time of completion of 3 months.

What could be done with StoneMakers concrete innovations?   StoneMakers solution was to install reinforced steel concrete wall in front of the existing wall.

StoneMakers started by installing #5 rebar grid in front of the existing walls. StoneMakers then installed 6 strategically placed “dead men (retaining wall anchors)" at key points throughout the wall. Each “dead man” was 4’ wide x 15’ deep, 8’ high. These were all completed with the same #5 bar as the main wall. The “dead men” were then tied back into the main wall for anchoring support. Shot-Crete with StoneMakers Wall Builder was then used to build a 12”to 14” thick wall in place through the grid. At that point, the Stonemakers crew began carving the concrete to look like other walls that were already on campus. With a crew of 8 men StoneMakers poured 530 yards of concrete over the course of 4 days. On the 5th day they colored and sealed the wall. All this for a cost of $378,000.00

There were four major benefits to having StoneMakers install the new wall:

1.    Cost. The hospital saved over $700,000 on the cost of the project over the lowest bidder.

2.    Time Frame. In an eight day period the entire project was completed. This is opposed to the original estimate of 3 months.

3.    Minimal Impact On Employees And Visitors.  The eight day project was completed will little or no disruption to the roadway and parking lot above the wall that employees and visitors had to use.

4.    Structural Integrity.  By having StoneMakers pour in place a steel reinforced concrete wall with six “dead man” (4’x15’x8’), gives the hospital a wall with a cured strengthof 6-8000 psi that a block wall could never achieve.

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