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New For 2012: LedgeFalls System For Dramatic Swimming Pool Waterfalls

New for 2012, Stonemakers has engineered an innovative panel system for creating swimming pool waterfalls, backyard waterfalls and commercial water features.  Created with molds from New Hampshire mountain ledge rock, the patent pending LedgeFalls System for waterfalls allows swimming pool and hardscape contractors the opportunity to create custom, realistic water features in days, not weeks.

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There are two components to the system.  A custom frame is placed to provide the skeleton to build upon.  This insures the stability of the structure and provides a starting point to attach the panels.

The second component is the panels.  The panels are created from a mold using a proprietary mix that is three times stronger than concrete yet weigh one-third that of concrete.  Once the panels are placed the gaps are filled to provide the finished look.

The final step in the process is applying the color.  Virtually any color can be applied giving the waterfall the truly natural look of ledge rock.

One of the key advantages to this system is the fact that the contractor makes their own panels.  A single mold will produce hundreds of panels.  The only products that are shipped are the molds themselves, the frames, and the mix for the molds.  There’s no need to worry about damage in shipping or the costs associated with shipping unusual sized panels.

The following video shows the process used in the StoneMakers LedgeFalls System.

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