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StoneMakers Wall Builder™: The Secret Behind The Stonemakers System

StoneMakers Wall Builber

One of the first questions that arises about the StoneMakers system is how does it work?  How can you stack concrete without forms or molds?  The following video will help to answer those questions.

StoneMakers Wall Builder™ is a water-reducing admixture specially formulated for low slump, stackable concrete to erect walls, sculpt boulders, lay walkways, and for use in various other applications without the need for traditional forms. Stonemakers Wall Builder™ decreases the water/cement ratio which in turn yields a stronger mix using less cement and maintaining uniformity. This increases bonding, flexural and compressive strength, and it is ideal in extreme weather conditions.

StoneMakers Wall Builder™ accelerates hydration, allowing faster wall erection and increased wall cut time. Stonemakers Wall Builder™ also stabilizes the volume by controlling shrinkage, while providing enhanced workability, placement and finishing. StoneMakers Wall Builder™ amplifies air entrainment up to 8.0% percent at 79˚F. 


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