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4 Things To Consider When Planning Your Backyard Concrete Patio

Taking the time to plan your outdoor living space involves careful consideration of your options.  One benefit of the Stonemakers system is the nearly limitless ways your concrete patio can be customized to fit what your imagination can picture.

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Not so long ago, the word ‘patio’ would’ve probably made people picture a small square slab of concrete or pavers on which you placed a rusty looking BBQ and some discolored PVC chairs.  The point is patio styles can uniquely reflect the preferences from the home owner, and likewise improve the value of the home. When the homeowner is spending the time and expense of installing a patio, it may also contribute value to the property too.

Among the more popular uses for concrete is in the back yard. Poured concrete patios are extremely popular due to their minimal maintenance and increasingly creative uses and abilities. It's quite amazing that by making use of stains and presses, a typically mundane patio can be transformed into a fancy deck.

Once you’ve made a decision to building a patio and established the place you really want it so be, the main design considerations you'll need to be thinking about are:

•    Space:  The space you have available in your yard determines the dimensions of your patio. A typical recommendation calls for about 60 square feet of space per person.

•    Shape: Do you want a round square, rectangle or oval patio?

•    Drainage: Will you be working with an existing run-off or do you need to identify the most effective place to build one?

•    Privacy: Would you like to install walls, screening or enclosures in order to turn a basic patio into an ‘outdoor room’?

Stonemakers custom walkways and patios harmonize with any homes exterior landscapes. Our curvaceous designs reflect how nature would have a created, looked, felt and lasted. Our typical concrete pads range from 4-5 inches thick, with a 3,500 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) concrete exterior floor mix. We include rebar or wire mesh reinforcement which makes all of our products durable and permanent. The Stonemakers process allows you to customize a variety of designs.

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