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Have You Considered Cooking Over Your Outdoor Fire Pit?

Nearly anything that you cook on your BBQ grill is definitely just as good and maybe better on your fire pit. There is definitely a spark of magic which seems to come from cooking in this very natural, unadulterated way that makes you feel at one with nature. Our ancestors have been cooking on open flames for centuries.

fire pit

You might be hosting a large gathering with friends or a simple meal with your family, either one your fire pit can be a fantastic way to add uniqueness to your meal. Cooking on an open fire can be a great activity with your family while teaching your kids a useful skill.

 You will be able to enjoy the outdoor cooking experience with any type of wood; any wood burning fire gives food a distinctive flavor. However, you can also experiment to get specific smoke flavors in your food. Using different types of wood can accent your food with different flavors.

There are many different types of wood you can use but you ought to be careful that you're going to get a flavor you like. One key component to flavoring food when using different types of wood is the length of cooking time. The longer you cook the food the more flavors your food will pick up.

If you are cooking foods for shorter periods of time the food will not pick up specific flavors. So don’t waste time trying to give specific flavor to fast cooking foods. The specific flavor is going to be dependent on the type of wood you use. Some woods will give a milder flavor while others will give stronger flavors. Woods such as almond, apple, apricot, cherry and citrus will give a milder light fruity flavor, while woods such as birch, maple, and oak give stronger but not over powering flavors. Alder is a traditional wood for smoking Salmon. Woods such as Walnut and Hickory can add strong over powering flavors.

So whatever it may be, a quick hamburger or hot dog meal that will cook quickly or your favorite poultry, leg of lamb or steak, get started now cooking on your outdoor fire pit.

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