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7 Benefits To Backyard Water Features

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Creating a backyard retreat is like adding additional  rooms to a home.   Outdoor kitchens, patios and for a peaceful setting, water features. Large or small, water features add serenity to a backyard. The tranquil sound of trickling water is  a great way to unwind after a long day.  Here are 7 reasons to consider adding a waterfall or pondless waterfall to  backyard projects.

1.    Adds aesthetic appeal.  There's a magical aura to the site and sound of running water.

2.    Low maintenance.  It only takes a few minutes a week to maintain.

3.    Focal point.  A beautiful water feature attracts attention.

4.    Relaxing.  The sight and sound of trickling water helps to melt away daily stresses.

5.    Doesn't take a lot of space.  A pondless waterfall can be designed to work in just about any space.

6.    Safety.  Is safe for children and pets.

7.    Less than a day to build.  From design to build, a waterfall can be completed and running in less than a day.

Here's a video with examples of waterfalls:

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