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Stonemakers Hardscape System VS Concrete Wall Block And Pavers

As the demand for outdoor living areas and innovative hardscape design continues to grow, homeowners have a number of choices for building retaining walls, patios, walkways and water features.  Here's a comparison of the Stonemakers System and concrete block and pavers.
 concrete block
Concrete wall block and pavers:
1.    Can be purchased at any local supplier or retail outlet.

2.    Can range in cost in cost based on color, design and concrete durability.  Lower cost options are made with low strength concrete.

3.    Additional materials required are crushed stone and sand for base footing and drainage, socked pie for drainage, filter fabric, adhesive and geograde tie-backs.

4.    With numerous products in the marketplace, PSI can range from 1,500 to 3,000.  Depending on the manufacturing process quality of concrete can lead to block disintegration.

5.    Requires basic landscape skills to install.

6.    Warranty varies from 1-3 years.

7.    Equipment needed to install include a compactor, gas cut off saw, excavating equipment, level, string, stakes, mallets, clips or pins.

8.    The style is designed to look uniform and modern with a moderate aesthetic appeal.  Not a good fit for historic properties.

9.    Moderate to high impact to the jobsite with digging and site preparation, delivery of  product pallets to the jobsite.

10.    Moderate versatility with design, walls can be curved  and height adjusted.

11.    Maintenance and additional considerations include not holding up well when exposed to salt.  Keeping walls free of efflorescence requires periodic cleaning.

12.    Installation time is 30-50 ft of 4ft wall in a day.

concrete retaining wall
Stonemakers Hardscape System:
1.    Exclusively available through licensed Stonemakers dealers.

2.    Cost of the concrete ranges between $95 -$120 per yard, plus Stonemakers additives, stains and sealers.

3.    Additional materials needed are socked pipe for drainage, rebar, Stonemakers Wall Builder, Stonemakers Wall Finish, color and stains, grout, and Stonemakers Wall sealer.

4.    The low slump, high strength concrete mix cores out at 2-3 times that of concrete when cured, The typical wall is 14 inches thick and the dry mix is designed to have very little expansion and contraction.

5.    Requires basic construction, concrete or landscape skills to install.

6.    Warranty is 3-5 years depending on the service package.

7.    Equipment needed  to install includes excavating equipment, shovels, trowels, grinder, Stonemakers texture mats, color brushes, sprayer, level, strings.

8.    High aesthetic appeal, designed to mimic the look and feel of stone.  Nearly any style of stone can be replicated.

9.    Moderate to low impact to the jobsite, requires digging for the site preparation and concrete delivery.

10.    High versatility with radii curving, height , thickness, and design.

11.    Maintenance is typically resealing every 3-5 years.

12.    Installation time is 100-120 ft of 4 ft wall in a day.

Do you have any other thought on how these two systems compare?

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