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Seeing Is Believing: A New Dealer's Impressions Of Stonemakers

We get a lot of questions about the Stonemakers system for creating retaining walls and hardscapes.  It goes against most beliefs about what can be done with concrete.  December 18, 2010 we completed our last dealer training of the year.  One of the new dealers, James Snyder of Alberto Group Landscaping,  shared these thoughts after completeing training.

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"Well what can I say, EVERYTHING StoneMakers claims is true! I can't believe it myself. Truth is, what we learned should not work according to everything I've ever been told about concrete. And, the results speak for themselves, just check out the videos below.

The idea is simple. Make a wall that is monolithic, and have it look like stone. As simple as it sounds, it is just not possible unless you can get the concrete to stand up vertically without forms. Sure you can make a wall with forms or out of block and then add a veneer later, but that's not monolithic and it's expensive. You could also make a wall and add a layer of concrete on top and stamp it but that layer will be thin and not have much depth to it. Both of these techniques are subject to de-lamination. Now with the StoneMakers process we can create a wall or patio without forms and add  texture before it has cured. Not only that, any shape you can dream up (within reason) can be achieved. Want a bench that looks like a tree? No problem. How about a giant waterfall that looks like cliff rock? - I'll take mine in gray with tan hi-lights please. Want your new wall to match the brown tones of your home? We can do that too. The possibilities are endless.

A side effect of building a wall using the StoneMakers process is added strength. Typical concrete will be between 3-4000 psi. Because the StoneMakers product is also a water reducer and water makes concrete weak. The StoneMakers concrete recipe will be much stronger sometimes as much as 6-7000 psi."  (Read the complete post here)

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