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Canvassing For Your Stonemakers Business: * Key Points To Remember

canvassing for your hardscape business

One of the most neglected strategies to creating new prospects for your StoneMakers hardscape business is the proven technique of canvassing.  You are probably considering it’s old hat in today's marketplace, but it can be an extremely cost-effective technique of providing new leads for your business.  If you are working on a job, or want to be doing work in a particular community, what better way to obtain visibility for your organization than by getting straight to the customer?  Here are eight guidelines to help you start your canvassing strategy.

1.            Prepare yourself:  Have a fresh outfit with you when you are on a jobsite; you never know when chance might present itself.  Have offers, door hangers, brochures and lead forms easily obtainable for every person you might meet.

2.            Set Goals:  What are your objectives from your canvassing efforts?  Are you looking to set a consultation or to collect homeowner details and emails?  Be sure to have clear objectives set for you and your group.

3.            Script Your Door Opener:  Be sure everyone on your team has fully committed to memory the program and can respond to any of the concerns that might occur. You will probably not close a retaining wall project on the initial contact, so that should not be the purpose.

4.            Step Back From The Door:  After buzzing the doorbell,step back.  You do not want to come off as too aggressive standing at the entrance.

5.            Make Eye Contact:  Look the house owner straight in the eye and get to the point.  Your opening statement should acknowledge exactly why you are there.  State a few key features of your proposition and end in an start finished query to interact with your probability.

6.            Exude Confidence:  Be sure that you and your group strongly believe in the value providing you’re introducing the house owner.  Doubt or indication of dishonesty will doom you and your group to failing.  A good canvasser will look a house owner in the eye and speak what they believe to be real. Be confident with your offer. Canvassers need not think twice or sound unsure of why they are there at a homeowner’s entrance.

7.            Express Appreciation:  Let the property owners know that you appreciate their taking the time to speak with you.

8.            Follow Through:  When you get a potential homeowner to provide you their contact details, follow through!  It can be as easy as a postcard or e-mail sent before setting a consultation.

Canvassing can be a great way to produce new leads for your organization.  Like any other revenue or promotion attempt your organization involves in, it will take some exercise.  Keep in mind; it can be a successful and affordable way to introduce your company to new clients.

Have you had success with canvassing in your business?

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