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StoneMakers Hardscape System: Bringing The Resort To You!

                Many of us nowadays can’t find the time or the justification to get out for those much needed vacations. Does that mean all hope is lost? Ever think about having a permanent getaway right outside your back door? By investing in your own outdoor oasis you are not only adding value to your home, you are also creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy at any time. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

landscape garden

·         Landscaping/Gardening

Have your backyard come alive with nature. Whether it's plants and trees, or flowers and gardens a great landscape design can pull all your other outdoor projects and features together as one.

waterscape lighting

·         Lighting

While it might be easily put on the back burner, lighting can help serve several purposes. A good lighting design can high light features and create settings and ambience for entertaining. It also aides in safety and security by allowing you and guests to safely navigate through the property and will help to deter any criminal activities.

walkways and patios

·         Walkways/Patios

Whether tumbled brick or irregular blue stone, patios and walkways are the gathering place for conversation and to enjoy the surroundings. While serving the basic function of accessibility and designated spaces for hang-outs, patios and walks can also, with the right design be a work of art. There are many colors, styles, and patterns to accommodate the appearance you are looking for.

backyard water feature resized 600

·         Water Features

The sound of trickling and cascading of water can be one of the most relaxing and soothing atmospheres to enjoy. From small spills to larger falls, backyard water features bring a sense of tranquility and peacefulness. They can invoke the senses and give you the feeling that you are truly in your own paradise away from home.

outdoor kitchens


·         Outdoor Kitchens

Having the access to prepare and serve food/beverages without leaving your peace of mind is definitely a plus. The convenience alone is a great perk. As we all know Kitchens is where guests tend to gather for conversation. The grill can be sizzling and beverages being poured all in the comfort and serenity of the outdoors….with a few amenities of course. 

 backyard fire pit

·         Fire pits/fire places

Fire pits are a great touch to any outdoor living. Not only useful for warmth and keeping the bugs away, a fire can set the mood for many settings. Maybe you are looking for a lively gathering or just a romantic evening, lighting a fire in a custom built fire pit will set the scene for many great nights.


                There is no place like home and with an outdoor living area there will be truly no place as good as home! Please tell us what has made your outdoor living area a place like no other. We look forward to hearing about it!

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