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Backyard Waterfall Resort Trends: New Orleans Style

resort style outdoor living area

The project for the StoneMakers April training in New Orleans, LA is an example of the extreme backyard resort style outdoor living area the StoneMakers system has evolved into.  The need to use heavy equipment to move natural rock into place to create dramatic water features has been eliminated, as well as the safety issues dealing with 10 ton natural rock.  And the time on the job?  Rather than taking weeks or months to complete, this project was completed in just 4 days.

At the centerpiece of the project is a 15,000 gallon fish pond, with an island in the middle.  A patio area is created on the island, which features a tree stump fire pit and a foot bridge to cross the pond.  Maintaining the tropical look, three palm trees also sit on the island.

By far the focal point of this project is the backyard waterfall.  Measuring over 8 feet high and 20 feet wide, this breathtaking feature is created using the LedgeFalls system.  After setting the frame in place, the panels, which are created from molds using actual ledge rock, are set in position.  Finished with the stain and sealant, the masterpiece is complete, with four water drop points creating a unique waterfall.

This project demonstrates the creative flexibility the StoneMakers systems allow to create extreme resort style backyard living areas.  The following video show the project from start to finish.


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