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What People Are Saying About StoneMakers Backyard Waterfalls

Stonemakers backyard waterfall

Since the developement and launch of the StoneMakers Ledgefalls system for resort style backyard water features, hundreds of backyard waterfalls have been installed.  Using a frame and panel system, the customization of projects is limitless.  So what are customers saying about these backyard transformations?

"Our freinds are blown away!"

"Exceeded all our wildest expectations."

"Most people come to our house and thimk it's real"

"You wouldn't know it wasn't real."

In the first section of the video you'll see customers of StoneMakers Dealers Connie and Lee Cummings of Cummings Masonry & Landscape, Inc. designed and built three seperate waterfalls with a fire pit, using the Ledgefalls panel system.  After recieving quotes from other contractors tothat the project would take 8-9 months to complete, Lee and Connie completed the project in less than one-quarter the time, leaving the customer amazed and beyond satisfied.

Next, David Montoya speaks with a couple at the Deerfield Fair sitting on the waterfall project he completed there.  Since the whole project was created with concrete, the guests had a difficult time distiguishing the difference between real rock and the StoneMakers rock.

The video finishes with a few clips of customers talking about their projects, and their amazement with the finished project and the transformation of their backyards.

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