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How To Build A StoneMakers Retaining Wall From Design To Finish

monolithic concrete retaining wall

Brent Montry,  a StoneMakers dealer from Tri State StoneMakers in Wisconson, integrates a monolithic concrete retaining wall into an existing landscape design in this three part video series.  He demonstrates all the facets of building a retaining wall using the StoneMakers system from design to the finished project.  

In this project Tri State StoneMakers customers were conerned with some erosion problems around their barn.  As the water rolled off the roof, it would wash away the soil and they found themselve contantly filling in the area.  Seeking a solution, they turned to Montry to help them come up with a plan.

The greatest advantage to using the StoneMakers system when building a retaining wall they found is the strength from a monolithic design, with the customization of being able to select a stone design.   A single pour of the footer and wall, wit no cold joints or seams, reinforced with rebar and the Wallbuilder additive in the concrete, ensures a soil retention system that will remain in place for a lifetime.

The folowing video contains three sections that show the project from initial design, site preperation, pouring and stacking the concrete with the Wallbuilder additive, carving and stamping the retaining wall, and applying the color and sealant. 


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