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How To Keep The Water In Your Backyard Waterfall Sparkling

A backyard waterfall is both relaxing and invigorating.  The sound of rushing water rolling over the rocks has an almost magical calming effect.  As the water cascades over the swimming pool waterfall into the body of water it’s a beautiful scene.  Maintaining the clarity of the water is simple if you follow some basic water chemistry principles.

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Lake Front Concrete Retaining Walls: Protect And Beautify

If you would like boost functional and usable space to your lakeside property, then you should consider building a lake front retaining wall. These walls can not only offer you more stabilized space which you can use for whatever it is that you like, they will be able to also provide you with an exquisite new look for your yard.

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Topics: hardscape design, concrete retaining wall, landscape design

5 Benefits Of Concrete Retaining walls

Concrete retaining walls must be used in just one finite emplacement within a yard and may serve as an emphasis wall or center of attention, or if needed, a complete system of tiered walls could possibly be designed to turn a sloped exterior space into eye catching landscape design that is as functional as it is beautiful. The size and the setup of the will mostly be contingent upon the slope and level of the ground and will be built where the soil needs to be stopped from runoff, although design will come into play to establish the finished layout of the wall or walls. Here are 5 benefits to installing a concrete retaining wall:

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