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Erosion Control And Concrete Retaining Walls

Soil erosion and surface runoff occurs as water moves along the ground. The more exposed the soil and the faster the rate of flow, the greater the damage and the bigger the concern. It is imperative to make certain a slope is covered or planted so that erosion is minimized.

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Have You Considered Cooking Over Your Outdoor Fire Pit?

Nearly anything that you cook on your BBQ grill is definitely just as good and maybe better on your fire pit. There is definitely a spark of magic which seems to come from cooking in this very natural, unadulterated way that makes you feel at one with nature. Our ancestors have been cooking on open flames for centuries.

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1st Annual StoneMakers Dealer Convention

Don't miss out on our FIRST Annual Dealer Convention Oct. 21-23, featuring Keynote speaker Rudy Ruttiger, sports hero and inspiration behind the classic movie Rudy.

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Beautiful Backyard Water Features Add Value To Your Home

Backyard water features have now become the most trendy home decor accessory. Decorating your outdoor areas with beautiful water features can bring out the beauty of your backyard as well as your outdoor space. Water is renowned for its healing and relaxing powers making backyard water features the best ways to put together refreshing, warm and soothing environment in the backyard.

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5 Benefits Of Concrete Retaining walls

Concrete retaining walls must be used in just one finite emplacement within a yard and may serve as an emphasis wall or center of attention, or if needed, a complete system of tiered walls could possibly be designed to turn a sloped exterior space into eye catching landscape design that is as functional as it is beautiful. The size and the setup of the will mostly be contingent upon the slope and level of the ground and will be built where the soil needs to be stopped from runoff, although design will come into play to establish the finished layout of the wall or walls. Here are 5 benefits to installing a concrete retaining wall:

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